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Student Life

Ukiah, Oregon Hunting Trip

Posted: November 15, 2013 at 4:08 PM   /   by   /   comments (0)

IMG_20131029_145701By: Ryan Kitchens, Student Editor

My dad and I left from Lucerne, California at seven o’clock in the morning were off on our long trip to Ukiah, Oregon. The trip from my house in California to Oregon was a twelve and a half hour drive. When we finally arrived in the little town of Ukiah at eight o’clock at night all we did was back our trailer up into the RV spot and went to bed. We got to Oregon a few days earlier then originally planned so we could see were the elk were so we knew where to go hunting. The next morning we went down to the local store to buy our  hunting licenses.  The first day we didn’t see very many elk so we went on a drive to see what the county looked like and see if we would see any elk somewhere else.

Opening morning was probably the best day that we were there. We got up early so that we could get to our spots before someone else could take them. Right before I got to my spot a herd of elk ran right where I was going but it was too dark for me to shoot.  After I sat down in my spot waiting for the elk to come I kept hearing gun shots coming from where my dad was sitting and five minutes after I heard all the shots he called me on the radio telling me he got a elk down . Then I was off to go help them pack it . Packing a 500 pound animal for 2 miles up a steep and rocky trail was not what I would call easy. Half way up the hill the state police hooked their four wheeler up to our cart and helped us pack it the rest of the way to our truck.

After my dad had already tagged out I was trying to tag out but we couldn’t find a spot where there were any elk. When I found a spot there wasn’t an elk that I could shoot because they were all cow elk, no bulls. The next  day I went hunting for hours and walked all over looking for elk but had no luck. At the end of the trip I ended up not getting an elk but my dad was able to bring one home.  A  good thing about my trip was I met a lot of new people that were really nice and we actually ended up hunting together for most of the season.